About Nammu

''As a fashion designer, the art of marbling is very inspiring for me. The action of creating patterns on the water, in which you later transform into dresses is miraculous. I believe, this exceptional touch is also felt by the people who wear Nammu.''
Designer, Müge Ersin

Nammu presents it’s self as a timeless life-stlye brand that embodies elegant and colorful daily and destination wear. Nammu’s designs are created with Marbling Technique, a traditional and historic Turkish art, where colorful patterns come to life by sprinkling and brushing color on a pan of oil water. All nammu prints are transferred to papers and than digitally printed to the high quality fabrics. This techniques gives the brand a unique and magical look.

Designer Muge Ersin establihed Nammu brand in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015 Summer

Nammu, is currently available online, at department stores, and high-end design shops in various locations at Europe, Turkey and Middle East.

Every year, Nammu is creating two main collections, “Resort” and “Summer”, and a capsule collection named “Warm Winter”.